Few names evoke images of American history the way that Colt does. Samuel Colt revolutionized the firearms industry by creating the first revolver. In the decades that followed, Colt produced other milestone revolvers, including its most famous: the Colt Single Action Army.

Colt's production of the model 1911 pistol forever changed the handgun market. And 1960 saw the introduction of yet another history-changing firearm: the Colt AR15/M16 rifle.

Since the company's birth, Colt has produced over 30 million revolvers, pistols, and rifles. Today Colt continues to offer its most revered firearms--the Single Action Army, the Python, the Anaconda, the 1911, and the AR15--in a variety of finishes and configurations.

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Colt Revolvers:

Colt Single Action Army revolver

Colt Python revolver

Colt Pistols:

Colt 1911 World War I Replica Pistol

Colt Gold Cup National Match Pistol

Colt Gunsite Pistol

Colt Special Combat Government Pistol

Colt .38 Super Pistol

Colt XSE Blued Government

Colt XSE Stainless Government

Colt XSE Stainless Commander

Colt XSE Lightweight Commander

Colt 1991 Government Pistol

Colt 1991 Government Stainless Pistol

Colt 1991 Commander Pistol

Colt 1911 Commander Stainless Pistol

Colt Series 70 Pistol

Colt Defender Pistol

Colt Combat Elite

Colt Rifles:

Colt Match Target HBAR Rifle

Colt Match Target Competition HBAR Rifle

Colt Match Target Competition HBAR IIRifle

Colt Match Target M4 Rifle

Colt Accurized Rifle


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