To help make you a more informed gun owner, and to give you a laugh or two, Gunshopfinder.com is gathering a collection of gun-related articles. If you have an article that you think would be of value to our visitors, please contact us.

1911 Pistols:

1911 Reliability Overview: Introduction To The Magazine, Part 1, by John Travis

1911 Reliability Overview: Introduction To The Magazine, Part 2, by John Travis

1911 Reliability Overview: The Extractor, by John Travis

1911 Reliability Overview: The Recoil Spring, by John Travis

Concealed Carry:

Multi-State, Non-Resident CCW Permits, by William Desy

Shooting From A Barricade, By David Nash


Revolver checkout: How to tell if a specimen is any good, by Jim March


870 Clearance/Loading Drills, by Dave McCracken

A Kitchen Table 870, by Dave McCracken

Buckshot 101, by Dave McCracken

Building A Lupara, by Dave McCracken

Buying a used pump shotgun, by Dave McCracken

Doing Your Shotgun Homework 101, by Dave McCracken

Eye Dominance, by Dave McCracken

Heavy Loads 101, by Dave McCracken

Home Defense Preparation For Shotgunners, by Dave McCracken

How to break in a pump shotgun, by Dave McCracken

Lead Shot 101, by Dave McCracken

Odd Gauges And Bores, by Dave McCracken

On Collecting Shotguns, by Dave McCracken

Preparedness, by Dave McCracken

Reloading Shotgun Ammo, by Dave McCracken

Shotgun recoil and kick, by Dave McCracken

Shotgun Triggers, by Dave McCracken

Shotguns: Chokes Versus Fixed Tubes, by Dave McCracken

Shotgunning Togs 101, by Dave McCracken

SxS Renaissance, by Dave McCracken

Spreader Loads, by Dave McCracken

The Winchester 59, By Dave McCracken

Upland Shotguns, by Dave McCracken

What Makes A Good Dove Gun, by Dave McCracken

When Shotguns Are Used Like Rifles, by Dave McCracken

The LawDog Files:

Anyone who thinks that the life of a small-town Texas sheriff's deputy is dull hasn't read The LawDog Files. With knife-sharp wit and a writing style distinctly his own, LawDog details some of the more unusual, hilarious moments in his law enforcement career.

LawDog, Opal, Scorpions And, Um, Private Parts (Rated "R" for content)

LawDog, Stalkers, Thorn Bushes, And Drunken Armadillos

LawDog And Emus

LawDog And Cop Tossing

LawDog And A Hard Object

LawDog, Bobby, Earl, And Bird Hunting

LawDog Goes Ghost-Busting


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