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Gunshopfinder.com is the internet's most valuable advertising outlet for gun shops. How many potential customers have you missed because they don't even know your store exists, even those potential customers who live in your own city? The truth is, you don't even know.

Is your store listed in the yellow pages in areas not far from you? Probably not.You're probably missing customers within a 30-minute drive from your shop, because your $300 or even $600-a-month yellow pages ad doesn't reach them. Gunshopfinder.com can bring new customers to your store, customers who otherwise would probably never find you if you're not listed here.

Potential customers can find your shop on Gunshopfinder.com just by clicking on a map, or by selecting a state and town. Over 50% of gun owners use the internet on a regular basis. Can you afford to ignore that many potential customers?

Customers looking for a particular brand can find your store by selecting your state on one of our Product Info pages. Whether you're a Kimber dealer, a Remington dealer, or a dealer for any number of other brands, you need a way for customers searching for those brands to find you quickly. Gunshopfinder.com does that for you--all on one site--without customers having to wander from one gun manufacturer's website to another.

Most manufacterers' websites only show the dealer's name, town and phone number. We provide your potential customers with much more detail than that. We give you all the space you need to entice new customers looking for those brands into your shop.

Gun owners are always looking for new ranges to try out, and for different gunsmithing services. Brag about your range facilities, gunsmithing services, brands, or your shop's other specialties to your heart's content. There's no limit to how much information you can put on your Gunshopfinder.com website page.

Do you already have a website? If so, that's great. You understand the importance of website advertising.

But chances are that most people can't find it, unless you've spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get it listed highly on search engine rankings. By being listed on Gunshopfinder.com, potential customers will be able to quickly link to your website from your page on Gunshopfinder.com. We do the work and pay the costs of getting Gunshopfinder.com listed highly on the search engines for any number of search terms, all so that your shop can be found by those customers you're currently missing out on.

When you're listed with Gunshopfinder.com, you can be assured that potential customers are going to find you, and and find you quickly. Our site gets as many as a million visitors a month, visitors who are looking for gun stores.

See what other gun store owners have to say about our service by reading our testimonials.

Gunshopfinder.com offers you an incredible, unbeatable package. There is absolutely no other site like it on the internet. And we're making that package even more unbeatable: by signing on now, you get six months of listings absolutely for free.

Six months of having new customers being able to find you by map, or by city and state. Six months of having new customers being able to find your shop by the brands they want to buy. Six months of having your shop featured on the fastest-growing gun-related site on the internet.

Six months of wide-reaching advertising for free. No strings. No contracts. No obligations. Many of your competitors have already realized what an incredible deal this is. Can you afford to pass up free advertising when your competitors are already reaching out to those customers you want to draw in?

Enough said.

If you're not already a Gunshopfinder.com subscriber, take advantage of our free six-month subscription by clicking here. We'll send you a username and password so you can begin creating your own website page on Gunshopfinder.com right away. We've made it so easy to create a website page that all you need to do is type in the information you want potential customers to read.

We'll even help you write your webpage. Just call us at 414-839-5319 if you need help with creating your page.

At Gunshopfinder.com, our goal is to help gunshops increase traffic and sales. We firmly believe that the future of gun ownership in the United States of America depends upon the success of storefront gun shops like yours.

If you have any suggestions on ways to help further that goal, please contact us by clicking the "Contact" link on the left side of this page.

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