In just nine short years, Kimber has revolutionized the handgun market by producing 1911 pistols with features, fit and finish that previously were only found on custom 1911's. Using state of the art technology, Kimber was able to produce 1911 pistols with tolerances much tighter than any of their closest kimbergoldmatchiconcompetitors. Kimber also offered features such as forward slide serrations, skeletonized triggers, checkered front and backstraps, and more, all for a price that was a fraction of that of custom 1911 pistol shops.

From the base model Kimber Custom II Pistol to the Kimber Gold Combat Stainless II Pistol, Kimber has 1911 pistols for every budget.

Today, Kimber is the most prolific maker of 1911 pistols. The company produces over thirty different models of 1911 pistols. The KImber custom shop will also build you a 1911 pistol that's as unique as you are.

Whether you're looking for a pistol for competition, self defense, or just plinking, Kimber has a model that's right for you.

To find a Kimber dealer from our list of subscribing gun shops, just select a state and click "Submit."

Looking for a laser for your Kimber? Check out the Crimson Trace laser grips we have for all models of Kimber pistols.

To view the different Kimber models and their features, click on the links below.

Kimber Custom Series 1911 Pistols:

Kimber Custom II Pistols

Kimber Royal II Pistols

KImber Stainless II Pistols

Kimber Custom Target II Pistols

Kimber Custom TLE II Pistols

Kimber Gold Match 1911 Pistols:

Kimber Gold Match II Pistols

Kimber Stainless Gold Match II Pistols

Kimber Team Match II Pistols

Kimber Compact, Pro and Ultra Series 1911 Pistols:

Kimber Compact Stainless II Pistols

Kimber Pro Carry II Pistols

Kimber Stainless Pro Carry II Pistols

Kimber Stainless Ultra Carry II Pistols

Kimber Ultra Carry II Pistols

Kimber Tactical Series 1911 Pistols:

Kimber Tactical II Pistols

Kimber Tactical Pro II Pistols

Kimber Tactical Ultra II Pistols

Kimber Custom Shop 1911 Pistols:

Kimber Gold Combat II Pistols

Kimber Gold Combat Stainless II Pistols

Kimber LTP II Pistols

Kimber Super Match II Pistols

Kimber Desert Warrior Pistols

Kimber Grand Raptor Pistols

Kimber Target Match Pistols

Kimber Ultra Raptor Pistols

Kimber Warrior Pistols

Kimber Pro Raptor Pistols

Kimber Raptor Pistols

Kimber CDP Series 1911 Pistols:

Kimber Ultra CDP II Pistols

Kimber Compact CDP II Pistols

Kimber Custom CDP II Pistols

Kimber Eclipse Series 1911 Pistols:

Kimber Eclipse Pro II Pistols

Kimber Eclipse Target II Pistols

Kimber Eclipse Ultra II Pistols

Kimber Ten Series 1911 Pistols:

Kimber Pro Carry Ten II Pistols

Kimber Stainless Ten II Pistols

Kimber Ultra Ten II Pistols

Kimber Ultra Ten CDP II Pistols

Kimber Gold Match Ten II Pistols

Kimber Rimfire Series 1911 Pistols:

Kimber Rimfire Custom Pistols

Kimber Rimfire Target Pistols

Kimber Rimfire Target Matte Pistols


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