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12/16/04 Total Ban On Handguns Proposed In San Francisco

11/24/2004 Murder Of Six Wisconsin Hunters Leads To Rush To Judgement By Anti-Gun Forces

9/14/2004 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Signs Ban On .50 Caliber Guns, Ammunition

9/13/2004 1994 "Assault Weapons" Ban Sunsets Amid Attacks By Politicians, Media

8/25/2004 California Legislature Bans .50 Caliber Guns; Bill Now Heads To Governor Schwarzenneger's Desk

8/1/2004 In His Book, Bill Clinton Details Impact Of 1994 Assault Weapons Ban On The 1994 Elections

7/7/2004 U.S. Senate Passes Concealed Carry Bill For Police Officers

6/3/04 Arnold Schwarzenegger Calls For Renewal Of Assault Weapons Ban

5/21/04 John Kerry, NRA Exchange Barbs On Guns

5/13/04 California Legislature Considers More Anti-Gun Bills

5/09/04 3,000 "Million" Mom Marchers Demonstrate In Washington

4/30/04 Pennsylvania Bill Would Ban Many Common Rifles and Handguns

4/18/04 Ralph Nader Looking For Support From "Bowling For Columbine" Director Michael Moore

4/17/04 Vice President Dick Cheney Addresses NRA Convention; Senator Kerry Attacks Bush On Guns

4/16/04 Kansas Governor Vetoes Concealed Carry Bill

4/9/04 Ohio Anti-gun Group Files Lawsuit To Block Concealed Carry Law

3/2/04 John Kerry shows his true colors on guns



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