Taurus model 740B Slim pistol product photo

This Taurus Slim pistol is chambered in .40 S&W for hard-hitting shots, and comes with a 6 round magazine, making it legal in states that prohibit "high capacity" magazines. . With its smooth edges and light weight, it's a great choice for carry. It has ribbed grips molded into the polymer frame, and a single action/double action (SA/DA) trigger for reliable, accurate shooting.

Like all Taurus semi-automatic pistols, the 740B comes with the Taurus Security System (TSS) integral safety lock for keeping you gun safe from prying hands, as well as a loaded chamber indicator.

The Taurus Slim pistols use the same single action/double action (SA/DA) as the 27/7 Pro pistols. When a round is chambered, the trigger is set to single action mode, moving to a crisp breaking point as you pull it. The trigger then resets. In the event that a round doesn't fire, the trigger reverts to double action mode, allowing you to pull the trigger to have the firing pin strike the primer again, without having to rack the slide. The Slim pistols also have two safeties: one slide-mounted safety lever, and a trigger safety.


Model: 740B, 1-740031, 1740031
Finish: blued slide, black polymer frame
Caliber: .40 S&W
Grips: ribbed polymer grip
Capacity: 6 +1
Weight: 19 oz
Barrel Length: 3.20"
Construction: Polymer/steel
Frame: small
Action: single action/double action (SA/DA)
Length: 6.24"
Safety: Trigger block
Trigger Type: Smooth
Sights: adjustable

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